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Safety-Guard mondstuk met O2 en EtCO2 connectoren en tongspatel (large)

Artikelnummer: AS2150000

Safety-Guard® allows oxygenation and monitoring of sedated patients, while preserving free access to the airways.

Safety-Guard® is a complete solution, in a single device for safety :
- A biteblock protects the teeth and the endoscope (in case of use during endoscopy) and provides free access to the mouth,
- A tongue depressor prevents the falling of the tongue (more interest among overweigth patients) and ensures the free access of the airways,
- A oxygenation channel allows oxygenation close to the vocal cords and helps maintain a high FiO2 in spontaneous ventilation,
- An integrated connexion allows monitoring of EtCO2 which is the quickest head predictive marker of respiratory depression.

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