MostCareUp Monitor

Artikelnummer: 08MC0202E0V

MostCareUp is the only monitor able to follow in real time and from beat to beat even the slightest haemodynamic variations in the patient. Thanks to the patented algorithm based on the PRAM method (Pressure Recording Analytical Method), MostCareUp evaluates cardiac output and many other haemodynamic parameters without any prior calibration and in a totally operator-independent way, applicable therefore to each type of patient both in stable and highly unstable hemodynamic conditions. An immediate, customisable interface can display a broad set of information regarding the preload, afterload, cardiac contractility and efficiency, which have become vitally important elements in optimising the treatment of high-risk patients and in defining the best haemodynamic settings for patients with alterations in their cardiovascular systems. MostCareUp can display trends for many haemodynamic variables simultaneously. It is also possible to insert personalised markers during specific events (e.g. start treatment). The do&check function is designed specifically to help the clinic when monitoring haemodynamic variations following specific treatments (e.g. fluid challenge).

In summary, the main technical characteristics of this instrument are:
  • 1000Hz sampling of the blood pressure waveform
  • Beat-to-beat analytical process of the entire blood pressure waveform (both systolic and diastolic phase)
  • The use of an unique and patented method (P.R.A.M.) for the evaluation of Cardiac Output and cardiovascular efficiency
  • An exclusive (patented) dynamic filter to reduce the resonance artifacts and to optimize the quality of the arterial blood pressure signal
  • No need of any kind of initial calibration (eg. cold bolus injection for the thermodilution) or additional maneuver to calibrate the algorithm
  • No dedicated disposable: compatible with any arterial catheter and blood pressure transducer in the market
  • Value of the dicrotic pressure exclusively measured and visualised in the display beat by beat
  • Displaying of systemic variables (systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, mean pressure and heart rate), standard haemodynamic variables (cardiac output, stroke volume, systemic vascular resistance, dynamic fluid responsiveness variables, oxygen delivery, dP/dtmax as an index of contractility) and exclusively determined haemodynamic variables (dicrotic pressure, CCE as an index of efficiency and cardiovascular coupling)
  • In particular, the Cardiac Cycle Efficiency (CCE) is an exclusive variable of MostCare®: it is the only hemodynamic parameter which identifies the level of energy expenditure of the cardiovascular system, providing information on the evolution of the clinical condition of the patients and on the effectiveness of therapies. It has been verified a direct correlation of the CCE with the left ventricle ejection fraction and an inverse correlation with the pro-BNP.
  • Validation in the widest range of clinical conditions, including paediatric, septic, trauma, IABP and cardiology patients.

  • Contains Latex: No
  • Contains DEHP: No
  • Contains biogical or animal-based product: No

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