Hepa filter voor volwassenen met 83 ml dode ruimte

Code produit: 553.03

MBS casing with connector for capnometry. This device can be placed near the patient between the endotracheal tube and the Y connector to protect the respiratory circuit of a contaminated patient.

However it can only be used in that position for a short time, because this device does not allow humidification nor heating of ventilation gases. More frequently, the respiratory filter is placed next to the ventilator at the distal end of the expiratory tubing, but other positions are possible.

The filter must be changed at least every 24 hours.

Complies with ISO 9360 requirements. Not sterile.

HEPA type antibacterial and antiviral filter.

HEPA: High Efficiency Particulate Air Filtration. The hydrophobic membrane is not impregnated by fluids which ensure a continuous filtrating functionality. Mechanical type filtration.

Efficiency of the bacterial/viral filtration: 99.9999 / 99.99993 % for 3µm particles and 99.9995 % for 0.3 µm particles. Connections: 15 mm male and 15/22 mm female/male.

Recommended tidal volumes: 250 – 1500 ml.


  Code Filter Weight
Filter Lenght
Filter Priming volume
553.03 47 118 78
Code Weight
Priming volume
553.03 47 118 78
  • Présence de Latex: Non
  • Présence de DEHP: Non
  • Présence de produit d'origine animale ou biologique: Non