Bougie Boussignac 60 cm voor endotracheale tube ø 6,0 - 11,0 mm

Artikelnummer: 5576.01

Disposable device used in case of difficult intubation (Cormack superior to 2)
-Standard procedure recommendation for difficult intubation is to use as first intent long and flexible guides.
-This technique is very effective. According to several studies, the bougies treat more than 96 % of difficult intubations.
-The bougie Boussignac is the first intent device in the case of difficult intubation.
Length 60 cm – Markings every 10 cm – Angle 40°

Bougie Boussignac is available in 3 sizes:
- Adult (for E.T. tubes size 6 to 10mm internal diameter): code 5576.01
- Paediatric (for E.T. tubes size 4 / 4.5 / 5mm internal diameter) : code 5576.02
- Neonatal (for E.T. tubes size 2.5 / 3 / 3.5mm internal diameter): code 5576.03

Benefits: A double duct allows oxygenation (up to 15 liters/min) with no risk of barotrauma thanks to decompression openings.

Box/Case: 10/40

  Code Bougie Boussignac Length
Bougie Boussignac For E.T. tubes Ø
Bougie Boussignac Color code
5576.01 70 6 to 11 Green
  Bougie Boussignac
Code Length
For E.T. tubes Ø
Color code
5576.01 70 6 to 11 Green
  • Bevat Latex: Neen
  • Bevat DEHP: Neen
  • Bevat producten van dierlijke of biologische oorsprong: Neen